Project I: The heterogeneity of science skepticism

How do people evaluate science, and what are the ideological antecedents of science acceptance and rejection? In a series of research projects, we have found that science skepticism is more heterogeneous than previously assumed. Different ideologies, worldviews, and other individual differences shape different manifestations of science skepticism. An accessible summary of some of the first work can be found on Aeon.

Example Publications

Većkalov, B., van Harreveld, F., van Stekelenburg, A., & Rutjens, B. T. Who is skeptical about scientific innovation? Examining predictors of AI, nanotechnology and genetic editing attitudes. Science Communication, in press.

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Rutjens, B. T., & van der Lee, R. (2020). Spiritual skepticism? Heterogeneous science skepticism in the Netherlands. Public Understanding of Science29, 335-352. [link]

Rutjens, B. T., Sutton, R. M., & van der Lee, R. (2018). Not all skepticism is equal: Exploring the ideological antecedents of science acceptance and rejection. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 44(3)384-405. [link]