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Bastiaan Rutjens

Dr. Bastiaan Rutjens (1980) is an assistant professor at the Psychology Research Institute of the University of Amsterdam, where he runs the PsySci lab. His research interests are in social and cultural psychology, within which he focuses on the psychology of belief systems and worldviews. Most of his research targets the psychology of science. Currently, his research is funded by an ERC starting grant. Find Bastiaan’s CV here, and find our more about Bastiaan here.


Natalia Zarzeczna

Dr. Natalia Zarzeczna is a research associate at the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam. She is interested in belief systems, stereotypes, and prejudice. Currently, she is working with Dr. Bastiaan Rutjens on a project to examine the role of psychological distance in science scepticism. She obtained her PhD at Cardiff University (UK) and subsequently worked as a research fellow at the University of Birmingham (UK) before joining the UvA. Click here for more information or view Natalia’s CV.


Bojana Većkalov

Bojana Većkalov is a PhD researcher at the psychology department of the University of Amsterdam, where she is investigating psychological distance to science as a determinant of science scepticism under the supervision of Dr. Bastiaan Rutjens and Prof. Dr. Frenk van Harreveld. Before joining the UvA, she completed her studies in psychology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She is interested in how belief systems such as science scepticism and conspiracy beliefs are formed and in the consequences they have for individuals and society. Click here for more information or view Bojana’s CV.


Vukašin Gligorić

Vukašin Gligorić is a PhD candidate at the Social Psychology department at the University of Amsterdam. Before joining the lab, he completed his undergraduate psychology studies at the University of Belgrade and Research Master’s at the UvA. His main research interests are irrational beliefs, social perceptions, political psychology and ideology. For his PhD, he is investigating the stereotypes of scientists, under the supervision of Dr. Bastiaan Rutjens and Prof. Gerben van Kleef. Click here for more information or view Vukašin’s CV.


Julius März

Julius März is a research assistant in the PsySci Lab where he supports research projects on the connection between spirituality and science skepticism. He is in his final year of his Research Master’s with a focus on clinical psychology and social psychology. His research interests are schizotypal disorders, creativity research, science skepticism and open science practices.



Former Members

  • Esther Niehoff, former research assistant: LinkedIn
  • Tisa Bertlich, former research assistant: LinkedIn

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